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TearDrip Juice Co.

Teardrip Juice Co. took the vape industry by storm when they were created in Orange County, CA. Created by two vape industry veterans, this E-Liquid line is truly a premium juice line made by knowledgable vapors with a combined 8 years experience and 4 years experience in creating delicious flavors. Tony Riva and Danny Redburn are the artists behind Teardrip Juice Co, however this is not their first successful juice company. They were formerly contracted to invent/create the four original flavors for R&D Creations (Trickz, Nerdz, Shortcakez and Tropicali). So even if you haven’t tried Teardrip yet, you may already be familiar with their work. Their first flavor from the Teardrip line, Pearamel, which is still proven to be one of the most popular flavors to this day, is a perfect blend of fresh and juicy pears and a sweet drizzle of caramel. With the major success of this flavor, they released the rest of their line, which included amazing flavors like Blitz, Revenge of the Geeks, and Guavarino. Each flavor is a combination of fruits and sweet desserts, so you get the best of both worlds. With these E-Liquids being crafted to the utmost level of perfection, we are sure you will find a flavor that suits your individual needs!

Some Favorites:

Pearamel - A delicious combination of freshly cut pears, covered in sugar, and burnt to perfection, with a sweet drizzle of caramel.

Blitz - Strawberry stuffed French Toast with powdered sugar.

Guavarino - A delicious fruity and sweet blend combining cotton sweets with tangy nectarine and a touch of guava.

Revenge of the Geeks - A delicious combination of sweet little treats, with a tart twist at the end.

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