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Bad drip

Brought to you by Bad Drip Labs, Bad Drip was created and established in 2014 in Rochester, New York. Instantly recognizable for it’s signature packaging and darkly themed flavor names, Bad Drip Labs has produced a line which is as trendy as it is flavor-filled. Having many different flavor profiles, Bad Drip Labs has created flawlessly blended flavors which appeal to a wide range of vape enthusiasts. From savory desserts to perfectly tart sweet treats, they will for sure have a flavor for you! One of their blends, Ugly Butter, presents a banana pudding taste with hints of cinnamon, which is a rare combination in the vapor world, but one that has been craved for years. Cereal fans will be pleased because on a different side of the spectrum comes Cereal Trip, which is a creatively inspired breakfast mix of glazed donuts, fruity cereal and milk. Sweet treats are also represented strongly with a variety of assortments including Don’t Care Bear, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, Bad Blood and Bad Apple. No matter which type of vape juice flavor you go for, Bad Drip Labs has ensured that an expertly crafted choice is offered for you! Don't miss out on this amazing line of E-Liquid.

Some Favorites:

Don't Care Bear - A delicious rendition of a mixed colorful bag of sweet sour chewy treat.

Bad Apple - The ultimate apple combination blending the best elements of delectable apple fruit and apple treats!

Ugly Butter - A scrumptious, succulent warm banana pudding dessert sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Farley's Gnarly Sauce - A tangy kiwi mixed with sweet ripe strawberries dipped in light bubblegum!

Cereal Trip - sugary glazed donut topped off with crunchy, fruity cereal, all dunked in a chilled glass of milk!

Drooly - Your favorite lip-smacking, hard sweet treat in a mouth-watering sweet grape and berry blend.

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