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Jam Monster Liquids

Jam Monster Liquids is brought to you from Orlando, Florida. This line blends together the deliciousness of every classic or traditional breakfast with an easy-to-vape flavor. The flavors include buttery toast with various fruity jam spreads, such as strawberry, blueberry, and more! Jam Monster also launched a menthol line, called Ice Monster, which includes various fruity blends like Melon Colada and Strawmelon Apple! Their attention to detail with their juices has allowed them to take the vape industry by storm. Jam Monster rose to the top of the popularity charts with vapers due to their immense flavor and crowd production, as their juices are 75/25 VG/PG blends! Each flavor that they have created is carefully crafted to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction, so don't miss out on one of the most sought-after lines of juice out there!

They also created another follow up line, cleverly called Fruit Monster, which blends not just any fruits, but only the best tropical fruits around! Make sure to check out these amazing E-Liquid lines.

 Some Favorites:

Strawberry - Buttered toast with a delicious strawberry jam spread evenly on top.

Blueberry - A perfect morning time vape because it is a flavor of buttery toast and savory blueberry jam.

Grape - An amazing flavor combination of a freshly toasted piece of bread, covered in melted butter and a sweet grape jam.

Grape PB Jam - Fresh toast covered in grape jam and peanut butter.

Melon Colada - A tropical blend of savory melons, fresh pineapples, and sweet coconuts, with a menthol exhale.

Mangerine Guava - A delicious blend of fresh mangoes, tangy tangerines, and sweet guavas, with a cool menthol finish.

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