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Nerdy E Liquid

You don't need to be a nerd to know that Nerdy E-Juice is amazing. Their team has developed great tasting fruity flavors that cannot be compared to anything else out on the market. Made with only the finest ingredients, their juice line aims to satisfy vapers who crave for a sweet and refreshing fruit flavor; removing the hassle of cutting up fruit slices yourself. They launched in 2016, with a lineup of perfectly crafted fruity blends, some even with menthol twists! Their two most t popular flavors are the Strawberry Kiwi and the Green Apple Peach. Their names do not do the flavor any sort of justice, as they are so much more extraordinary. Nerdy E-Liquid also launched the menthol versions of one flavor, along with a new flavor named Mixed Berries. Mixed Berries flawlessly combines blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries! This amazing line of E-Liquids is sure to satisfy even the most picky fruit lover. We are sure that you will find your newest favorite from this amazing line, Nerdy E-Liquid.

Some Favorites:

Strawberry Kiwi - The tiny treats infused with summer ripened strawberries and the tartness of tropical kiwis.

Green Apple Peach - The devilishly crisp flavor of fresh green apples packed into mini treats and finished with peach undertones.

Chilled Strawberry Kiwi - A menthol filled flavor with fresh strawberries and tart kiwi, all in a hard treat form.

Mixed Berries - A wild berry batch of flavors, featuring tart blackberries, blueberries, juicy strawberries, and sweet raspberries, all blended into a hard treat.

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