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Beard Vape Co.

Beard Vape Co. was created in a vape shop, in Venice, California. Two brothers and a friend of theirs decided to craft E-Liquid that would be bigger and better than the juices currently offered in their store. With their dedication to create the best E-Liquid line in the market, the trio made almost a 100 vape flavors over the course of several months and assigned different numbers to each one. Each flavor was set out to be tasted at the vape shop and the excitement began to grow. Based upon the overwhelming feedback, the trio was able to narrow it down to their flagship vape juice flavors. They have amazingly crafted dessert and savory blends including NY styled cheesecake with strawberry, caramel malts, cinnamon funnel cake, and many more! They also have sweet flavors including lemon razz, gummy tarts, and more. Also, for the tobacco lovers, Beard Vape Co. offers a flavor that blends leafy tobacco with a wonderful cappuccino flavor! Beard Vape Co. has many flawless blends, and we are sure that you will be able to find your new favorite! 

Some Favorites:

No.00 - A sweet combination of cappuccino with the right balance of tobacco.

No.05 - Freshly-baked classic New York style cheesecake topped off with fresh strawberry bits.

No.24 - Sweet rich notes of caramel drizzled over savory malt, sprinkled with a twist of salt.

No.32 - A delicious cinnamon funnel cake.

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