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Levels E-Juice

Levels E-Juice is a new E-Liquid brand that is sure to drive you wild! Each one of their flavors has the same level of hard work and dedication put into it, and will leave you wondering why you didn't get more! They have exceptional fruity and sweet blends, along with creamy and savory flavors, including gummy chews, grape flavors, and banana nut bread. Their most popular flavors, Bliss and Bit Hit, have proven to be the most popular of the 6 juices. Bliss is a delicious gummy watermelon chew that'll blow you away, and Big Hit is a blend of tangy lemon lime soda, with green apple hints! Their other juices include clever names like Prestige, Legendary, Relentless and Triumph. Whether you are looking for a savory or creamy blend, or a fruity or sweet flavor, Levels E-Liquid is sure to give you flavors that you'll struggle to put down. This amazing line of E-Liquid is sure to have a new all-day favorite for you, so don't miss out!

Some Favorites:

Bliss - A delicious blend of sweet gummy treats, with refreshing watermelon flavors!

Big Hit - A delicious lemon lime soda, with crisp green apple flavors!

Legendary - Sweet & delicious old fashioned banana nut bread!

Prestige - A blend of tropical wild mangoes in a citrus grapefruit refreshment that will surely quench your vape thirst!

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