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Keep It 100

Keep It 100 is manufactured by Liquid Labs and includes fruity, dessert, sweets, and sugary breakfast flavored E-Liquids. Founded in 2014, Liquid Labs manufacturing is brought to you from Toms River New Jersey. They employed a team of professionals that specialize in full-service brand development combining production with design and marketing. They also utilizes the latest bottling technology, incorporating automation into their processes, which further ensures efficiency and maintaining sterilization throughout the production process. The Keep It 100 E-Liquid line shows how well they pay attention to detail. Each one of their juices is crafter to the utmost perfection, and will surely leave you satisfied. Their most well-known and popular juices, Blue Slushie and Pink Burst, hit the industry running and continue to prove that they are superior. Along with these amazing flavors, Keep It 100 launched many other flavors that include fruits, sweets, creams, and even sugary cereals. Their flavors continue to bring success, as each one is unique, just like each vapers flavor palette. The creamy flavors, such as Strawberry Milk, Birthday Shake, and Mallow Man, are flawlessly blended to give you the perfect experience. They have many fruit flavors, like Lemonade Blue Slushie, Peachy Punch, and Tropical Blast. Each blend is unique in its own way, and include fruits like peaches, blue raspberry, and other tropical fruits. Along with their fruity and creamy blends, they offer different sugary tastes, like Krunchy Squares, which is a cinnamon breakfast cereal flavor, and Nilla Almond, which is a perfect vanilla almond blend. Keep It 100 strives to stay on top and bring greatness to the vape industry. We are sure that you will find the perfect flavor for you, so don't miss out!

Some Favorites:

OG Blue - Your favorite blue raspberry slushie flavor, perfect for any warm and sunny day!

OG Island Fusion - A delicious tropical blend of sweet strawberries balanced with a hint of slightly tart kiwi.

OG Krunch - An amazing blend of your favorite cinnamon cereal squares, added into creamy and chilled glass of milk.

Shake - A delightful rendition of freshly-made rich cake blended to perfection with milky vanilla creme.

OG Summer Blue - Your favorite, ice-cold, convenience store blue raspberry slushie drink with hints of sweet and tangy lemonade!

Berry Au Lait - A rendition of the ultimate summer-time dessert refreshment in a creamy strawberry milkshake.

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