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Some Tips For The Vaping Drippers

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Dripping Is Art - Flavor Is Dripping

First Steps

  1. Open your atomizer. You’ll see the atomizer coils inside and there will usually be a piece of steel mesh (known as a bridge, commonly shaped like an inverted “V”) on top of them.
  2. Attach a drip tip to the mouthpiece of your unit (stay patient, we will be getting to these momentarily).
  3. Drip 3-4 drops of e-liquid onto the coils if they’re accessible, or onto the bridge if they’re not. Activate the vaporizer and inhale.
  4. Marvel at the throat hit, and the purity and flavor of the vapor.

Tips & Hints

  • The most important tip for someone who’s just getting into drip vaping: be patient. Remember when we talked about your favorite recipe? You didn’t perfect that dish the first time you tried making it, and you probably won’t get dripping “exactly right” the first time, either.
  • Start slowly, with just a few drops of e-liquid, until you get the idea and want to try using a little more. Two or three drops should give you at least five or seven good inhales. If you start with too much liquid, it can flood through the atomizer onto the battery, or into your mouth.
  • Start with thicker (rather than thinner) e-juice that has a VG base instead of a PG base; you’ll get better results and can play around with other liquids as you gain more confidence.
  • Don’t forget to clean out the tips and atomizer regularly. Not can you get an unpleasant taste if you mix two e-liquids which don’t go together, but residue can build up over time. Just blowing through the tips and atomizer or rinsing them in warm water will usually do the trick, although some like to soak them in vodka before rinsing and drying them.
  • Before you know it, you won’t be settling for a “pretty good” experience. You’ll have your own gourmet vape right at your fingertips.
  • Use an atomizer with a raised metal collar where you would normally plug a small tank into. Drip a little juice directly onto the atomizer coil or bridge, stick a drip tip on it and enjoy the vapor clouds.

Enjoy The Vaping

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