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Creme De La Creme

Creme De La Creme is brought to you by Marina Vape, in sunny Southern California! This amazing new line gives you various flavors, including fruits, desserts and sweets, sure to satisfy even the toughest taste pallet. Creme De La Creme has mastered the idea of creating juices that hit on more than several of the key flavors that people are craving. This line offers flavors from a topical pineapple mango, creamy vanilla custard, sweet and savory cake, to a delicious tobacco. For even the most picky of vapers, this line will have a flavor perfect for you! Don't miss out on this amazing line of E-Liquid!

Some Favorites:

Blueberry Creme - A rich, creamy, and decadent vanilla custard base, with warm caramelized sugar, and topped off with fresh, sweet blueberries for the perfect finish.

Caramel Apple - Crisp, tart, tangy, and juicy green apple dipped in a sweet caramel!

Vanilla Creme - French vanilla beans, topped off with a hint of light whipped cream, for a smooth and silky finish that will keep you coming back for more.

El Presidente - A tropical blend of sweet Hawaiian pineapples, tropical mangoes, juicy Georgian peaches, and hints of exotic passion fruit.

Tabac Creme De Leche - Smooth tobacco blended with rich and creamy notes of dulce de leche with smooth hints of caramel and butterscotch.

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