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Hi-Drip E-Juice

Hi-Drip E-Juice brings you the best fruity and sweet flavors around, right from sunny Southern California! With each fruity combination, you'll get a rush of juiciness and sweetness, all blended into a soft chewy. Hi-Drip E-Juice offers various fruits like watermelon, mango, strawberry, and more! The flavors simply named Mango Peach, Watermelons, Blood Orange Pineapple, and Honeydew Strawberry are all perfectly blended to leave each vaper feeling refreshed and replenished. Each flavor is created to absolute perfection, and is also offered in a menthol version! The iced flavors are so fruity and chilled, that they'll blow you away! You won't want to miss out on this amazing line of E-Liquids!

Some Favorites: 

Dew Berry - This flavor is bursting with succulent honeydew flavor and rounded out by smooth notes of strawberry.

Peachy Mango - A powerful hit of mango peach treat. Every puff unleashes a sweet gush of ripe mango melded with sweet peach and finished with the signature taste of chewy treat.

Iced Melon Patch - A delicious rendition of a fruit chew with sugary-sweet, juicy watermelon finished with a menthol blast.

Iced Island Orange - A fruit chew that perfectly blends juicy blood orange and fresh pineapple with a cool menthol finish.

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